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The Epoch Times, US
July 2019

“Artist Tatyana Kulida’s Love of Beauty, Art, and All Things Florence”

By Lorraine Ferrier

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Wellington Regional
August 2018

“Gilding was originally used as part of artworks made for the church to signify something sacred, and the luminosity of halos and angels,” Kulida says. “For me, gilding adds a bit of something beautiful to a painting, like putting on a piece of jewellery.”


The Residents, NZ
March 2019

“Resident #158: Tatyana Kulida on risk, reward, and moving forward from the Soviet Union, to America, to Italy, to Wellington”

By Lucy Revill


Encore Publication, US
December 2017

“Harmonic Ease: Tatyana Kulida and Mio Reynolds showcase a study of peace in latest show at Art in Bloom”

By Shea Carver


New Zealand Artist Magazine, NZ
September 2018

"All of my work is intimately personal; whether it is a commission painting or not, each portrait carries a resonance of me reflected in the work. Each floral or still life is a story or a metaphor for something that I was facing while painting it. The pains, the joys, the hopes and failures - are journeys that are woven into the paintings." - Tatyana Kulida


WECT6 TV Channel, US
December 2017

“We created this show based on our passion for beauty and harmony,” Kulida said of her partnership with Reynolds. “As an artist, it’s one of the powerful messages we can promote and to me, the answer to doing that is through beauty and finding harmony in our everyday life.”

By Ashlea Kosikowski